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NU Tech is an on-site continuation high school for juniors and seniors located on the NU High School campus provides each student an opportunity to complete the required academic courses of instruction to graduate from high school and the opportunity to receive alternative work experiences and occupational training.  This school provides extensive opportunities for personal growth through counseling, individualized interaction with school staff and meaningful school and community activities. Our teachers give one on one help as needed. Our goal is to have all students prepared for life after high school. When our students complete their high school courses/credits they graduate and many do so early.

All juniors must be enrolled in Career Tech Classes C.T.E. (and can also be in work experience) and seniors have the option of enrolling in C.T.E. and/or Work Experience Education. All students spend 3 periods a day at NU Tech and the other portion of their day in C.T.E., in a Nevada Union class or on the job. Our students enrolled in Work Experience Education are legally allowed to work full time.

NU Tech High School students graduate with an NU Tech Diploma. Our students are allowed to walk through Nevada Union High School graduation ceremonies and participate in all school dances and rallies, even when they graduate early. 
NU TECH Student Learning Outcomes
  1. All students will graduate with their cohort group.
  2. All students will successfully complete a standards-based curriculum.
  3. All students will demonstrate and develop self-discipline as well as responsibility by completing individual education goals.
  4. Students will demonstrate appropriate employability skills such as punctuality, dependability, time management, participating as a member of a team, customer service, and working with appropriate technology.
  5. Students will begin to develop a plan for their future that incorporates post secondary education/career planning and personal life goals that will allow them to become successful independent adults.
NU Tech graduates